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Customer Reviews

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Arkese Heath
Mannn Yk I like them if I open them up everyday I wake up lol

Mannn just know I’m going to be one of your best customers like this unbelievable the way you do this

Robert Timms

I forgot what email I used to track my order but it was to 116 Quail Court not complaining but did he get lost


let me look into this for you. I will follow up with you via email once I figure out what the issue is.


Daryell Mcfarland
Lots of compliments

The shoes came out amazing lots of compliments

Tanner Armstead
Haven’t received shoes

I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining because I’m not just a little confused. I saw where it could take around four weeks to get the red voorhees and I still haven’t received them which is fine since it’s only been two weeks. However, it did say they shipped days ago and now I’m receiving this email saying the order was fulfilled but I still have not gotten the shoes. I don’t want any type of return as I love the way the shoes look I just wanna make sure there not lost.

Tanner, Your shoes are not lost and have never been shipped. Please double check the email you received and read it carefully. What you received is not a shipping notification; it was an order confirmation. You 'Preordered' a shoe which means that we have to order your base shoe from Nike and customize it. These things take time especially when they're being made in batches.

Marcus Muhammed
Take all my money

The customer service was a little troubling at first but once I recieved the product... OMG, I'm mad they weren't MORE disrespectful. The artistry and craftsmanship are beyond what was advertised

Thanks Marcus, We are diligently working to improve our communication. I appreciate you trusting the process regardless of the confusion.