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Customer Reviews

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Nathaniel Ponte
I did not get the order

I did not get the order it was never sent to me either

Christopher Kelly
The Most Anticipated Shoe in My Collection

The Airforce 1 Ghostface were everything I anticipated, the attention to detail was impeccable.

However, the time I had to wait to receive them was not so Good; Will it detour me from ordering again? No but waiting 5 plus months was a little much..

Dwane Michael

Ok ,official nice!!!
It takes 6 to 7 weeks ,what's the rush.You should have enough gear in the stash.Just relax it's otw.This my second pair my first is the candyman,the candymans are my favorite but the third pair that's otw red vorhees Nick knows how I feel about these.So just know no later than 7 weeks .I'm about to grab the 🕷 man on Sabado!!!

Giovanni Becerra

Loved the shoe's

Terrell M
Best Customs EVER

Dog! I got my box yesterday and that far exceeded my expectations! They are so dope and I can’t wait to see what Shoe Baker cooks up next because that have a fan in me!

We're just getting started! Thank for trusting the process.