Who is ShoeBaker – Shoe Baker ATL

About Me

How it started

In 2019 I bought a pair of white air force 1s and a sneaker customization starter kit. All I wanted to do was to create something different for myself, something that nobody else had. There was no plan of turning it into a business or making any money from it. I started customizing more sneakers and expanding my artistic abilities because it was something I was truly passionate about, not because I saw it as an opportunity for profit. 

Driven by passion

That passion and those initial values are something that I carry with me and put forth into my artwork every single day. Shoe Baker ATL is not a business to me, it is simply a creative platform through which I am able to express myself and share my work. 

If you tell me I'm gifted or talented I’ll tell you I just work harder and am more driven. I am a self taught artist who has improved with every single project I work on. Art was never the plan nor the destination but it has become the road. I can’t tell you where it will take me but I’m happy you are here for at least part of the ride. 

The Future

I plan to continue to push the limits of my art in an attempt to redefine the constructs of what art should be. The main goal of my work is to blur the lines between fine art and street art, between high fashion and streetwear.  

This text has become more of an open ended thought than a bio or an about me. That’s okay though, in a way that is indicative of the entire artistic process.