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Navigating Back to Wonder

  • by Nick Reynolds

Navigating Back to Wonder

It's been ONE YEAR since the inception of ShoeBaker! I have experienced so much growth and support it's crazy. While many people understand my concepts and approach there are others who don't--which is okay. But, I want to take this opportunity to fully introduce my approach to the sneaker customization culture.

Like any artist one of my greatest obstacles as a creator is the void between what is and what people perceive my work to be.  

The Approach

I utilize many materials and textures in my creative approach that, for some, can be off putting. One material that I frequently incorporate in my creative design is resin. I love using resin because it provides texture and depth to the art. At first glance, when using resin it appears that the shoe is covered in a wet, sticky material, but when you touch it the shoe is dry. This creates a multi-sensory experience that takes it from a simple shoe to an artistic journey


Am I wrong for pushing boundaries? Absolutely not! Why not go beyond oversaturated swaps of color-ways and patterns? What originally set sneaker customizers apart was our authentic creativity. Have we settled for repetitive silhouettes with slight tweaks and variations?

That's for you to decide, but one thing is for certain: "Big Brand" has cultivated a lack of creative depth in sneaker culture. As creatives, we cater to people who follow the hype instead of blazing a trail of our own authenticity. 

 I believe that as long as the infinite game is still in play the boundaries should continue to expand beyond what we know to be the defined reality of sneaker customization.

But, Why Though

The sneaker customization community is so much more than hype. We have the passion and influence to change the sneaker game. And guess what? We don't have to compete with each other. There is more than enough opportunity for all of us to eat without devouring each other in the process. My hope is that,  as the sneaker community, we begin to celebrate the art of what we do while choosing to ignore the hype.

Bottom Line

I did not come to fit into the culture of shoe customizing: I came to disrupt it. 👟 👨🏾‍🍳 


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  • I love the shose. Are they for sale and how much

    Antony on
  • Hey I want to start by say I love the shoes. I would like to know is they are for sale and how much

    Antony on
  • This was dope can’t wait to see the ways you push the envelope 💯🔥

    Tre Hess on
  • As a customizer I tend to do things differently. And it is very inspiring to witness creativity at its finest, not only is nick (shoebaker) a master at his craft he also takes the time to share knowledge for those who may inspire to become more then what they are. Shoebaker has def made ripples in a sea filled with customizers. Glad I met him and look forward for the opportunity to work with him. Wish you all the best -Allshoesmatter

    dery fernandez jr on
  • Hectic bro love the work and what you wrote appreciate the concepts and hectic designs

    Andrew Ognjenovski on

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